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The Clean Foodie Mission

To provide an unbiased, intuitive directory that guides consumers to clean food offered by restaurants and markets across America.

Our passion is connecting consumers, proprietors, and communities that inspire and support the clean food movement.

Through community engagement, we seek to enrich the lives of consumers, while promoting the small business owners that feed this lifestyle.

We are committed to educating others on the importance of eating a clean, healthy diet.

Clean Foodie Founder, Irene Ouillette

Irene Ouillette is a self-proclaimed Cleanatarian. Her impassioned journey to living a clean eating lifestyle led her to coin and define the term clean·a·tar·ian.

Irene Ouillette Clean Foodie
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a. a clean food connoisseur; an expert indulger in consuming foods in their cleanest, purest state.

b. the pursuit of discovering foods that are transformed by using only the most authentic ingredients.

c. the art of indulging in tasty, clean inspired dishes.

d. clean inspired chefs who transform unadulterated and authentic ingredients into delectable, savory dishes.

Irene’s Cleanatarian journey evolved through chronic illness which led her to the discovery of her purpose; promoting and guiding others to clean food.

The importance of limiting our toxin exposure, especially in the foods we eat, was revealed to Irene during her lengthy battle with Chronic Lyme Disease. The single most positive impact on Irene’s recovery has been maintaining a healthy diet consisting of cleanly sourced food. After years of painstakingly searching for clean food while traveling, her frustrations led her to the creation of Clean Foodie Inc. She is a fierce advocate for discovering and promoting restaurants, growers and grocers who serve and provide clean nourishing food.

Irene, a successful entrepreneur, earned a BSBA with honors from The University of Florida. Her varied career has ranged from a Realtor, Home Inspector, Carpenter, Builder, US Mail Carrier, to a Professional Mascot. She is a former Nationally ranked Personal Watercraft Racer and the 1985 Women’s National Kneeboard Champion. Irene is now a Lyme Disease “Surthriver” and a grateful full-time single Mama to her amazing son, AJ.

About Clean Foodie

We are a directory and community platform that makes it easier to find, and share, clean food across the US in the form of Restaurants and Markets. Although atmosphere, presentation, price, and wait staff are important pieces of the dining experience, Clean Foodie’s primary criteria is the quality of the ingredients. We want to know from where it’s sourced, how it’s grown, what it’s fed, and the journey it takes from origin to plate. We desire to stress that eating clean does not mean food without taste. On the contrary, nourishment and decadence often exist on the same plate.

It is true that Clean Food establishments can be more plentiful in the big cities such as LA and NYC, but what about the rest of the country? Well, that is a different story. While traveling in an RV from coast to coast, we spent countless hours searching for clean food in the nooks and crannies of small towns and big cities across America. Although the clean food movement is gaining in popularity, it’s often difficult to find in an unfamiliar city. A single source or website just didn’t exist. So, we heeded the advice of Ghandi; “Be the Change you Wish to See in the World.”

Clean Foodie is your one stop shop – Clean Food Finder. We are committed to being true to our word, integrity is #1. We seek the truth, report the truth, and we invite our communities to contribute to this clean food quest. We are passionate about praising those who go beyond the norm to provide us with cleanly sourced food. Clean Foodie is a heart centered business and is proud to be a Benefit Corporation. Our social purpose is to promote those doing exceptional things in the food industry and to help make the world a better, healthier and cleaner place. Eating clean is a lifestyle choice. We will continue to educate consumers on the importance of getting back to basics.

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