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Best Clean Eating Restaurants in Florida

Clean Foodie has traveled to and eaten at hundreds of Florida’s clean eating restaurants in order to share with you which ones are the absolute best!

Florida’s restaurant scene is booming with excellent options that are committed to serving organic, sustainable, and nutritious dishes. We ethusiasicly recommend that flavor-loving Clean Foodies visit our top ten Sunshine State favorites!




Planta Restaurant Bar South Beach Florida
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The tropical sheekness of Planta in South Beach perfectly complements their deliciously creative vegan dishes


Planta should be a culinary destination for anyone visiting Miami and a regular spot for those living in Miami. It’s delicious. Period.

Planta blew us away! Not only is it a paradigm shift when it comes to vegan food, but it’s also a game-changer when it comes to food in general.

Approximately 70% of the ingredients are organically grown and approximately 42% of those organically grown ingredients are sourced directly from Planta’s rooftop garden. The quality and freshness of the ingredients deliver the superior flavor found in Planta’s dishes and cold-pressed cocktails. Combine the masterful skills of the chefs who develop their insanely good recipes, with their unique prep techniques, and you have a restaurant that sets the bar for all other restaurants in the area, not just 100% plant-based restaurants.

Planta truly is a trifecta of Clean Foodie excellence:

– Clean, Fresh, Nutritious Food.
– Expertly prepared flavourful ingredients.
– Gorgeous setting with a fun, elegant atmosphere.Plus, it isn’t ridiculously expensive like other restaurants of its caliber tend to be in Miami Beach. Without a doubt, Planta has a secure spot on our Top ten Clean Foodie picks for Florida.

Read our Planta Review for details. / 850 Commerce St / Miami Beach, FL / 33139



Rosy Tomorrow’s

rosy tomorrows ravioli
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Large cheese-filled ravioli lay like fluffy pillows in a light yet creamy pesto sauce


Rosy O’Dell, the creator and owner of Rosy Tomorrow’s Heritage Farm in Fort Myers, must hold the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” as a personal mantra. 

O’Dell created a supply chain for her restaurant that guarantees its quality, nutrition, and sustainability. Eating food that’s grown with this kind of care is the best way for people to ensure they are putting clean, nutritious, and delicious fuel into your body.

By creating her own organic fruit and vegetable farm, and pasture-raising her own heritage cattle and hogs, O’Dell is providing food that is fresher and more delicious, while also being more ethical and nutritious. And by modeling how to be a thriving example of the Slow Food movement, Rosy Tomorrows is growing so much more than just their loyal customer base. They are paving the way for future sustainable restaurants in Florida.

There’s something about eating on a huge screened in verandah surrounded by lush green pastures and palm trees that is so very Floridian. And knowing that the food you’re eating traveled a whopping twenty feet to get to your plate is a great feeling indeed. And it pays off in flavor and freshness ten-fold. If you’re heading to the southwest coast of Florida, Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm is a must-stop for all Clean Foodies!

Read our Rosy Tomorrow’s Review for details. / 8250 Nalle Grade Rd / Ft. Myers, FL / 33917



Christopher’s Kitchen

Christopher's Kitchen Taco
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Handmade vegetable tortillas, spicy walnut taco mix, lettuce, cabbage, guacamole, pico de gallo, cashew cheese, cilantro & almond crunchies


Miami Beach has Planta – Palm Beach has Christopher’s Kitchen.

Christopher’s Kitchen is an upscale plant-based restaurant that is a favorite among fashionable locals with good taste. And by good taste, we mean a taste for clean, vibrant, and flavorful food that just happens to be made from plants, 100% of the time.

They have a large menu that’s designed to satisfy any level of hunger or any type of craving. For many vegans out there, having so many choices might be so unfamiliar that you may be a tad unpracticed at having to make choices. Try not to be overwhelmed. Anything you order will likely knock your socks off.

They are committed to using certified organic ingredients whenever possible and regardless, only source ingredients of the highest quality. This is why Christopher’s Kitchen has won over omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan Palm Beachers alike. I mean, who can refuse luscious vegan ice cream that competes with even some of the best dairy ice-cream out there?

If you don’t have time for a sit-down meal, we highly recommend their adjacent juice bar for fantastic juices, smoothies, and grab and go items. If you do dine-in, you can sit on the lovely paved patio with the sound of a nearby fountain, or you can sit in the elegant, relaxed dining room while you enjoy expertly prepared vegan food at a reasonable price.

Read our Christopher’s Kitchen Review for details. / 4783 PGA Blvd / Palm Beach Gardens, FL / 33418



Restaurant BT, Tampa

Restaurant BT Meal
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Melt in your moth pot roast from Restaurant BT


Chef BT Nguyen utilizes her french culinary training to accentuate the mouth water flavors that she grew up with in Vietnam. 

Restaurant BT’s motto is “Eat Local, Think Global” and it succeeds at doing that. Chef BT Nguyen impresses with her skill and an artful approach to flavors. She elevates the local organically grown ingredients she uses, and transports her diners to an idyllic modern interpretation of Vietnam, with a wonderful French twist.

Restaurant BT is located in South Tampa and has a charming, lush patio area that transforms at night into a romantic candle-lit atmosphere. And the interior dining room offers an elegant, yet understated backdrop to her vibrant, perfectly-balanced dishes.

Without a doubt, anything you order off the menu will unlock that special portal in your mind that creates new lifelong cravings. Restaurant BT is the fine-dining outpost of Chef Nguyen’s portfolio.

But if you are looking for something a little more relaxed then you can’t go wrong with Bistro BT at 267 Henderson Boulevard, or BT To Go at 3215 S MacDill Ave. Plus, you can order To Go from both Restaurant BT and Bistro BT. And if you really want to keep it low key. Chef BT elevates street food at BT in a BOX at 615 Channelside Dr in Tampa. At all 4 of her locations, Chef BT is cooking up outstanding clean, flavorful food.

Read our Restaurant BT Review for details. / 2507 S. MacDill Ave / Tampa, FL / 33629



Jungle Organic

Jungle Organic Grass-fed Burger
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Jungle Organic’s mouth-watering, grass-fed burger


A passerby would have no clue that this run-of-the-mill roadside market is whipping up delicious clean dishes in a dining room that feels like a tropical grotto.

The Jungle is a hidden gem.  They are completely committed to clean, organic, and pasture-raised ingredients. The Jungle’s market is stocked with the same directive in mind: to avoid toxins and chemicals that harm our bodies and cause inflammation. The fact that they are able to stay true to such a mission and actually turn out such scrumptious food is a testament to their creativity and dedication.

Located across from the beach in Indialantic, the restaurant’s cave-like interior is a blessing after a day in the sun. Come into the cool, serene dining room and nourish your body with crave-worthy clean eats. And if you loved the soup or dessert you had in the restaurant, there is a good chance you can pick some up in the prepared food section of their market to take home and enjoy again later.

Read our Jungle Organic Review for details. / 2500 Florida A1A / Indialantic, FL / 32903



Green Gables Cafe

Green Gables Cafe Meal
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Green Gables Cafe burritto bowls are loaded with fresh, clean ingredients to keep you going strong.


The about page for Green Gables Cafe reads like a love letter to Clean Foodies. The things that are important to them, are important to us.

“Our dedication to responsibly grown and raised ingredients supports the growth of sustainable food systems and marks a return to the tradition of quality, nutrient-dense foods. We partner with local artisans and work with sustainable farmers to procure organic foods and pastured, grass-fed, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free meats and dairy.” – Green Gables Cafe

Can we get an ‘Amen’!? Small family-run joints like this are the lifeblood of the Clean Food Movement. We are so happy their community in Coral Gables agrees! They have responded so enthusiastically to Green Gables Cafe. When Clean Foodie visited, the place was packed, and local reviewers agreed that Green Gables Cafe is delivering delicious, nutritious, approachable food at an affordable price.

They’ve been going steady with their take-out and delivery online ordering option, which was a customer favorite even before the pandemic. Their selection of breakfast items, bowls, soups, sandwiches, and salads all stand up to delivery, which is an added bonus indeed. They even prepare catering orders for parties of at least 12 or more, which is a brilliant idea for large families to incorporate into their weekly meal planning when the cooks in the family may need a little break.

Green Gables serves delicious, satisfying, clean food without an ounce of pretension. It could be described as being similar to a friendly diner you visit multiple times a week, only with way, way better food that is healthy for you. It’s a testament to the owners of Green Gables, and their commitment to the health of their community. They pay more in order to source organic and pasture-raised ingredients while still keeping prices affordable for their customers. That’s what we like to call good Clean Foodie Karma.

Read our Green Gables Cafe Review for details. / 327 Alhambra Circle / Coral Gables, FL / 33134



Cafe Evergreen

Cafe Evergreen Brunch
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Quinoa has never tasted so good than at Care Evergreen’s brunch


It is incredibly rare for a restaurant to have the courage to resist having a deep fryer. 

You know the saying, “anything tastes good fried.” That means in order to achieve the level of flavor and satisfaction that Cafe Evergreen provides without a deep fryer, you have to rely on skill and exceptional ingredient selection. Cafe Evergreen has unlocked the secret to scratch-made clean, nutritious food while enhancing flavor and satisfaction. That, my friends, is a Clean Foodie recipe for success!

Located in a historic building that’s flooded with light, Cafe Evergreen is a delightful spot just north of Venice, Florida. And a perfect place to eat delightful, scrumptious food that your body will thank you for. When Clean Foodie visited, the gluten-free eggs benedict raised the bar for every other eggs benedict in the world! Served with their Manchego Quinoa Cakes, this dish is now a new addiction that may prompt buying a second home in Nokomis!

They make their own water Kefirs and Kombuchas to refresh their clientele and provide beneficial probiotics. Their menu is vibrant, colorful, luscious, and flavorful, all while using 2/3rds less salt than the average restaurant. They also emphasize sourcing locally in order to ensure their ingredients are sustainable and the freshest they can be. Cutting corners is simply not in Cafe Evergreen’s playbook.

Read our Cafe Evergreen Review for details. / 801 Tamiami Trail / Nokomis, FL / 34275



Community Loaves

Community Loaves Sourdough Pancakes
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The sourdough pancakes at Community Loaves are some of the best we’ve had


Community Loaves makes our Clean Foodie hearts sing. What song, you ask? “Oh happy day for this organic artisan bakery!”

Community Loaves brings a smile to our faces for many reasons, one smile for each item on their menu. But also for the fact that they started out baking in an unassuming space and built their loyal customer base with their dedication to organic, local, high-quality ingredients, and superior flavors. Now they’re in the process of moving into a brand new space that evokes the same charm and specialness that their food does! They are slated to open for business at 1116 Edgewood Ave S in Jacksonville in August 2020, and we can’t wait to see them thrive in their new digs!

When Clean Foodie visited them in their old space, the Sourdough Pancakes topped with sliced peaches, candied pecans and a dollop of fresh cream secured a spot in our dreams. It’s the kind of dish that makes your mouth water at just the thought of them. And we can’t stress enough how appreciative we are that they use organic ingredients, because conventional wheat is a major culprit for introducing herbicide based toxins into a person’s diet. Sticking to clean baked goods makes a big difference to the health of our bodies and our environment.

Community Loaves is already knocking it out of the park in terms of flavor and quality. And looking at their most recent posts on Instagram makes us so excited to celebrate their new space with one of their fantastic baked goods! If you’re in Jacksonville or passing through, we have no doubt that Community Loaves will become your new happy place too.

Read our Community Loaves Review for details. /1116 Edgewood Ave. S. / Jacksonville, FL / 32205



The Blue Wagyu, Ocala

blue wagyu itomichi burger
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Blue Wagyu’s Itomiche Burger is “rockin’ good”


The Blue Wagyu menu provides the ultimate options for a Clean Foodie cheat day. 

Something that may not be common knowledge is that clean food can be decadent food as well. And there is nothing quite as decadent as Wagyu beef. Now factor in that this Wagyu beef is pasture-raised, only supplemented with organic feed, never given hormones or antibiotics and paired with scratch-made organic sides and desserts, and you have yourself a Clean Foodie fever dream of decadence!

Of course, you can’t eat luscious wagyu burgers, steaks, and organic mac & cheese and chocolate chip cookies every day. But when you do, Honey, do it right at The Blue Wagyu in the heart of horse country in Ocala, Florida. Need I mention the stellar wood-oven Neapolitan style pizzas? Only there is no cheating when it comes to the ‘clean’ quality of the food. You can indulge with a clear conscience and just plan your cardio accordingly. Wink* Wink*

Currently (July 2020), The Blue Wagyu is only accepting take out orders and online orders for some of their market products. But keep checking in if you’re in the Ocala area because it is certainly worth a visit whether you dine-in or take out.

Read our Blue Wagyu Review for details. / 6998 N. US Highway 27, Unit 11 / Ocala, FL / 34482



Pizza Rox, Boynton Beach

PizzaRox Pizza
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Some of the best gluten-free pizza crust we’ve found is at Pizza Rox


Most remarkable is Pizza Rox’s gluten-free crust, made with organically grown non-GMO flours.

Tucked into a shopping center in Boynton Beach, Pizza Rox is not the easiest to find. But once you do find it and have your life changed by tasting their Neapolitan style pizza made with many organic ingredients, you’ll find yourself back here time and time again like some kind of Clean Foodie homing pigeon.

Pizza Rox crust is totally undetectable as being gluten-free! They have two other clean crust options to choose from as well, their house dough and their Brewer’s grain beer dough. Added bonus- they are all vegan as well.

Their menu is extensive and clearly lists what is gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, nut-free etc. It has signature pizzas, and the option to build your own with an array of organic, gluten free, and vegan toppings. You can also build your own organic salad if you’d like to lighten it up a bit.

Pizza Rox also showcases their stellar crusts in the form of savory “Stix” and sweet dessert options as well. If it were possible, a Clean Foodie dream come true would be for there to be a Pizza Rox in every town in America!

Read our Pizza Rox Review for details. / 1880 N. Congress Ave #150 / Boynton Beach, FL / 33426


We hope you enjoyed learning more about our favorite clean eating restaurants during our travels in Florida. Please share your comments and let us know of your personal favorites!


Top Florida Clean Eating Restaurants
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