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Clean Foodie's Best Restaurants In and Near Burlington, VT

We’ve narrowed down the best restaurants in multiple categories using our meticulous Clean Foodie standards to determine our top restaurants in and near Burlington, VT!

Whether you’re looking for a place to share a romantic meal, or a smoothie while running errands, we’ve got you covered.

Burlington, and Vermont in general, is a clean foodie paradise. There are so many excellent farm-to-table restaurants and establishments that uphold core values rooted in quality, sustainability, and community. We highly recommend checking out Burlington, VT when considering your next vacation!



~Hen of the Wood~

Hen of the Wood Burlington
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Hen of the Wood is our pick for Burlington’s Best Date Night Restaurant and it perfectly illustrates our Clean Foodie ethos.

To clarify, we believe eating clean does not have to be a diet consisting exclusively of plants. Properly and thoughtfully raised animals are incredible sources of clean nutrition. And at Hen of the Wood, all of the above are sources of incredible gastronomical bliss. 

Founded in 2005 by chef Eric Warnstedt, Hen of the Wood was an early celebrant of the burgeoning locavore movement. Using the whole animal in a multitude of dishes, was also an early goal of Warnstedt and team, and an often underexplored way to increase sustainability in its food production practices. Eric has now opened a few restaurants and handed off day-to-day chef responsibilities to Jordan Ware who also celebrates high-quality local ingredients, prepared simply with excellent technique. “This kind of food, and this kind of cooking, is just right,” Ware told the publication Seven Days Vermont. “It’s simple. It’s Vermont. It’s about relationships with farmers and community … When I started at Hen of the Wood, the way Eric cooked and looked at things changed everything for me as a chef.”

At Hen of the Wood, you can count on a superbly prepared, one-of-a-kind palate-pleasing experience. You can also count on stylish, romantically-lit Vermont vibes. Two fireplaces adorn the space, and even though the dining room is usually full, you’ll still feel like you’re sharing an intimate meal with your dinner partner. The service staff has also perfected the skill of being attentive when needed but not hovering in a way that “kills the mood”.

You’ll be happy to note that if you or your date are vegetarian, lovely plant-based dishes are available, however, animal products make up the majority of the menu. For a meal that does not compromise on quality and delivers an ambiance rich in rugged sensuality, Hen of the Wood is ideal.

Read our Hen of the Wood for more info. / 55 Cherry St / Burlington / VT / 05401



~American Flatbread~

American Flatbread Burlington
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American Flatbread equals cozy, comforting, pizza perfection.

We’ve chosen American Flatbread’s Burlington location (there are 11 throughout Vermont) as our pick for best Casual Restaurant in Burlington, but we could have also chosen American Flatbread as “Best Pizza in Vermont”. Not only for its mouth-watering pizzas, but also for the organic flours, fresh organic produce, and pure goodness! These clean pies are wood-fired in clay hearths and make every one of your taste buds sing!

Their Burlington location is one of our favorite spots in the city for a relaxed and delicious meal that doesn’t compromise on quality. The indoor and patio space both offer an amazing old-world, warm & cozy charm perfect for kicking back and de-stressing. And let’s be honest, when you’re craving comfort, pizza is often a top pick.

Those pizza cravings are always satisfied at American Flatbread where guilt-free indulgence is a real thing. Pure, high-quality food made with clean ingredients should never elicit a guilt response. Your body knows the difference. The founder of American Flatbread, George Schenk, put it well, “Too often food is seen principally as a vehicle for profit, rather than in its historic sense as a giver of nutrition.”

American Flatbread states its mission as:

To provide good, flavorful, nutritious food that gives both joy and health, and to share this food with others in ways sustainable to all.

Honestly, delicious comfort never *felt* so good!

Read our American Flatbread Review for more info. 115 St Paul St / Burlington / VT / 05401

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~Juice Amour~

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Juice Amour’s Acai Bowls and Chia Pudding Jars hit the spot every time.

Owned by Sheri Bedard and her father, David Bedard, Juice Amour is a vegan cafe known for its organic ingredients. Obviously, their juices and smoothies are the main draws, and boy do they deliver, but their chia pudding jars and acai bowls take it all to the next level! A major bonus is how reasonably priced their incredible menu items are, given the use of such high-quality organic ingredients. Hands down, Juice Amour’s delectable creations are some of the best Clean Foodie has ever tasted.

A founding principle of the company’s mission is sourcing produce from local organic farmers. Not only does this ensure clean, tasty, and nutritious ingredients, it’s also planet-friendly while minimizing the carbon footprint. They use compostable single-use items as well as reusable glass jars, similar to the way things were done “back in the milkman days”.

This emphasis on minimizing waste lets you enjoy your juices and smoothies while accumulating beaucoup positive karma.

Juice Amour is always refreshing its menu and coming up with new and interesting concoctions. We ordered the epic Blueberry Muffin Smoothie which was decadent enough to qualify as a controlled substance! With Blueberries, Chia Pudding, Cashew Cream, Granola, Almond Butter, and Coconut Flakes, this smoothie satisfies all of your “I want a treat” cravings while also delivering a powerful wallop of healthy fats and nutrients. Juice Amour is a must-stop for clean, fresh, and dreamy juices, smoothies, and puddings!

Read our Juice Amour Review for more info. 198 St Paul Street / Burlington / VT / 05401



~Revolution Kitchen~

revolution kitchen Int
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Revolution Kitchen serves creative vegan food with high standards, and zero pretension.

“I want everyone who comes to Revolution Kitchen to just be someone who likes good food.” Revolution Kitchen co-owner Debra Maisel told Seven Days Vermont reporter, Sally Pollak.

‘Good’ food may be an understatement. Stunningly delicious dishes, which also happen to be vegan and solidly Clean Foodie approved, are more aptly what this married couple of over 40 years is serving Burlington diners.

Debra and Peter Maisel are a culinary power couple with extensive experience as restaurateurs. Their simpatico dynamic helps contribute to their success as they bounce ideas back and forth and delight in imagining and building flavourful dishes together. The fact that their meals are packed full of locally sourced, mostly organic, plants is a Clean Foodie double bonus. 

If you need to perk your appetite, simply go to their Instagram account and let the salivating begin. We had an impeccable meal consisting of the Laksa Noodle Pot infused with bang-pow flavors followed by the melt in your mouth Peach Shortcake for dessert. The care and attention given to creating everything from scratch, including their phenomenal pillowy tofu, is no less than sensational. Revolution Kitchen is a restaurant that will leave your taste buds wanting more; relatively simple dishes that are transcended to the next level via high-quality fresh ingredients prepared by magicians in the kitchen. 

For crave-worthy vegan food in Burlington, and a  welcoming dining experience that exudes relaxed sophistication, Revolution Kitchen is a “must visit” restaurant. Their locally-sourced, worldly flavors have made them our pick for Best Vegan Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont.

Read our Revolution Kitchen Review for more info. / 9 Center St / Burlington / VT / 05401



 ~The Restaurant at

Shelburne Farms Inn~

Shelburne Farms Inn View
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The jaw-dropping setting of Shelburne Farms pairs perfectly with its impeccable farm-to-table fare.

Overlooking the shores of Lake Champlain, Shelburne Farms is a 1,400-acre not-for-profit farm, forest, and National Historic Landmark with a focus on community and education. The Inn and Restaurant sit on a sprawling estate that immediately transports any visitor to a fully functioning gentlemen’s farm in the Gilded Age. And this is exactly how it began, as the 19th-century country home of Dr. William Seward and Lila Vanderbilt Webb.

In addition to serving guests of the Inn and those lucky enough to secure a reservation, the Restaurant supports the many auxiliary functions of the farm, from rearing cattle, growing heirloom produce, cheesemaking, and even distilling apple brandy — Shelburne Farms might be many health-conscious individuals’ description of heaven itself. 

And despite the stately surroundings, the team at Shelburne Farms emphasizes that their number one priority is for people to feel welcome, relaxed, and to enjoy a wholesome meal. 

Currently, only a very limited take-out menu is offered due to the pandemic, but they are hoping to host guests at the inn and restaurant starting in May 2022. The food is, obviously, stunningly fresh and immaculately grown and raised. And to illustrate how it’s prepared, Chef John Patterson, previously from Fork in Philadelphia, described a dish he created for the Vermont Fresh Network Annual Forum Dinner that included Tomato-Leaf Rice Crisps, and Smoked Beet Tartare topped with Green Tomato “Caviar”. Wow!

Read our Restaurant at Shelburne Farms Review for more info. 1611 Harbor Road / Shelburne / VT  / 05482



 ~Tomgirl Kitchen~

Tomgirl Juice Counter
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Tomgirl’s nutrient-packed organic offerings make you feel as vibrant as they look.

Owner Gabrielle Kammerer credits her initial attraction to starting Tomgirl as a fascination with color and gift-giving. With a background in pastry, she loved exploring beautiful and delicious ways to delight others, but wished there was a way to make “giving someone a treat” an act that helped their health as well. Her answer came in the form of vibrant organic elixirs, luscious smoothies, and other flavorful nutrient-packed dishes.

Clean Foodie was introduced to her very first Chocolate Avocado Mousse by Tomgirl several years ago. To put it mildly, it rocked her world and opened her eyes to how eating clean can be equal parts decadence and nutrition. Tomgirl has excelled at its mission to inspire people with the virtues and pleasures of eating well.

Tomgirl has made it a huge priority to source local ingredients that are either certified organic or organically grown. The juices are cold-pressed, the nuts are sprouted, and everything is scratch-made. Tomgirl serves vibrancy that contributes to your body’s energy, and longevity in a positive and uplifting atmosphere, that has long secured its position as a Burlington clean-eating landmark.

Read our Tomgirl Kitchen Review for more info. 266 Pine St / Burlington / VT / 05401



 ~Eco Beans + Greens~

eco bean + greens Cafe Exterior
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Eco Bean + Greens Cafe knows what you need. Healthy, satisfying food, on the go!

To use the term “fast-casual” feels sacrilege, but Eco Beans + Greens has cracked the code on how to create and serve incredibly clean, high-quality, nutritious food in a way that is super quick and accessible for the average busy Vermonter (or visitor).

Founders Justin and Trisha hold the belief that food is medicine, and that for far too, eating well was only truly accessible to those who had a ton of extra time on their hands, or a ton of extra money. Their creation of Eco Bean + Greens in 2012 was their direct way of addressing that disparity.

Everything at Eco Bean + Greens Cafe is free of soy, gluten & GMOs. Fresh organic ingredients are a priority, of which many are organically grown at small local farms. The beef is 100% grass-fed and the food is made on-site from scratch, including most of the nut mylks. Their emphasis is without a doubt on full-bodied whole food nutrition that is packed with flavor.

Their counter service and ready-made items are ideal for quick stops and the take-home smoothie kits make it extra easy to be prepared for busy mornings at home when time is an even more precious commodity. Eco Beans + Greens is not trying to break new culinary ground, but instead giving the community reliably healthy, safe, and nutritious food that is satisfying without breaking the bank.

We can only hope Eco Beans + Greens becomes a national fast-casual chain; the entire country would be a much healthier place!

Read our Eco Bean + Greens Review for more info. / 150 Dorset St / Suite 304 / South Burlington / VT / 05403

We hope you enjoyed this curated list of our top clean, healthy restaurants in Burlington, VT! And if you can’t afford taking health risks by eating out and/or need very personalized home-delivery meals for super fresh and clean eating, we highly recommend checking out SUN BASKET. Not only is their food and service amazing, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING when you sign up here 

Best Restaurants Burlington VT
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