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Is Butcher Box a Good Deal?

Should Clean Foodies take the plunge to find out if Butcher Box is a good deal?

Dropping between $129 and $270 on meat can feel like an extravagance that many of us would have a hard time justifying. But if we break down all of the value components of this subscription service, what seemed like a steep sticker price at first, may morph into a stellar deal. Let’s take an honest look to find out!

Value Point #1

ButcherBox meets our clean quality standards.

  • All of their beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. The cows are never given antibiotics or hormones, and are raised living their entire life on pasture.
  • Their chicken is organic and pasture raised with free range shelters. All of the chickens have access to the outdoors, shelter and are fed an organic 100% vegetarian diet. This earns them Certified Humane status.
  • All of their pork is heritage breed and never given antibiotics or hormones. The pigs are raised either on pasture or in open barns with bedding.

We love how committed ButcherBox is to providing meat sourced from ethically raised animals. This commitment translates to the quality of nutrition you recieve with each ButcherBox delivery. Healthier, happier animals make healthier meat products, it really is that simple.

Also, the fact that ButcherBox makes it a priority to raise grass-finished cows is a big deal. You may not be getting what you think you’re getting when you buy “grass-fed” labeled meat at the grocery store. The term grass-fed doesn’t mean the cow was raised on a 100% grass diet. 97% of all beef sold in stores was started on a grass-fed diet and then fed grains for the remainder of their lives, in feeding stalls. And grass-fed certainly does not necessarily mean “pasture raised”. Most grass-fed beef in the store should really be labeled “grass-fed, grain-finished beef”.

What the animal eats translates to what is in their meat. Finishing beef in confined pens while feeding them grains like corn became a practice because it “fattens up” the cows more quickly. The same thing happens to us when we don’t move and eat carbs all day. Most people have just gotten used to the pure white fat and mild buttery taste of grain fed beef. But pasture-raised, grass-fed and finished beef has fat that is infused with dramatically more carotenoids, vitamin E, and other antioxidants that comes from all of the diverse plants the animals eat while foraging on pasture. This is why pasture-raised, grass-fed and finished beef will tend to have more depth of flavor and fat with a more golden color.

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Value Point #2

Bulk buying from ButcherBox pads your pocket book.

  • On average their exceptional high-quality meat ends up being about $6 a serving. This is obviously not a per serving cost that the average penny-pincher would write home about. But this is not your average store-bought meat either. Honestly, we find it pretty challenging to find genuine pasture-raised “Clean Foodie Approved” meat in the grocery store. And when we do, we usually have to pay through the nose. On those grounds alone, one could argue that Butcher Box is a good deal.
  • ButcherBox’s “For Life Deals” are amazing. You can add a “For Life Deal” to your box whenever they offer them for a 1 time fee. For example, you’d pay around $50 to receive a box add-on that you’d get as long as you’re a ButcherBox subscriber. They usually pay for themselves after 2 or 3 deliveries, and after that, free meat, baby!
  • The more bones the better! ALWAYS save your bones and make your own pasture-raised grass-fed bone broth. Plus, be sure to save and render all of the fat. And also render the skin and cartilage for its collagen rich gelatin as well! All of this is packed with nutrition your body LOVES. This is the other way that bulk buying from ButcherBox can deliver huge value. You’ll be shaving dollars off of the per serving cost in no time.

CLICK HERE for subscription options

CURATED BOX – ButcherBox builds a selection of meats.

CUSTOM BOX – You build a selection of meats.

Value Point #3

Time is always money.

  • ButcherBox delivers to your door on your desired schedule. ‘Nuff said. Plus, they use biodegradable or recyclable packaging materials.
  • We really appreciate that ButcherBox offers various time spans between deliveries, allowing us to choose delivery every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. This makes bulk buying feasible for even small families. Granted, you may want to factor in buying a small chest freezer if your fridge freezer is cramped on space.
  • You can also change the delivery date if you know you’ll be out of town. ButcherBox sends you an email a few days before shipping your order. This also allows you to make adjustments to your box if needed.

Final Clean Foodie Conclusion: Is Butcher Box a Good Deal?

If you eat clean meat, a ButcherBox subscription is definitely worth the money.

Signup deals are always taking place at Butcher Box and often include several servings of free meat – Check out the latest offers here 

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, which helps cover operating costs and ensures we can continue to sustain our mission to bring you unbiased content and reviews. We do not link to products or services based on financial compensation alone, but more importantly, we give precedence to product quality and company values. CleanFoodie does not link to products we do not personally endorse.

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