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Clean Eating in New Orleans

Bland and New Orleans do not go together. Clean and Decedent? Laissez les bons temps rouler!

What comes to mind when you think of New Orleans? Beads? Beignets? Bourbon Street? Yes to all of those. But if you’ve had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans, or calling it home, then you know The Big Easy is a vibrant, resilient place that has a magical way of continually reinventing itself while staying rooted to its historically rich culture and traditions. A strong sense of culture and tradition are indeed important ingredients in making a culinary capital.

Food, music, and good times are king in New Orleans, so it’s especially enjoyable to eat clean here. The spots dedicated to serving high-quality clean food, do not sacrifice flavor. No Sir.

If you can’t afford taking health risks by eating out and/or need very personalized home-delivery meals for super fresh and clean eating, we highly recommend checking out SUN BASKET. Not only is their food and service amazing, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING when you sign up here.




Sneaky Pickle bowl o food, New Orleans
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Sneaky Pickle’s “Bowl ‘o Food”

Marine Corps veteran, Ben Tabor, came back from Iraq and wanted to create an eatery in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward that was focused on fresh, local ingredients at affordable prices.

Ben wanted a place that was unconventional and that people may not have seen coming. And hence the name “Sneaky Pickle” was born. Approximately 80% of the menu utilizes organic ingredients, but most of the emphasis is placed on items that are locally sourced and grown and raised with quality in mind. Another plus about Sneaky Pickle is that they have great options for vegetarians and vegans. One of these dishes has become a Clean Foodie favorite! Check out our recipe recreation (coming soon) for Sneaky Pickle’s outstanding dish, “Bowl of Food”.

Sneaky Pickle is a scrappy spot that knows how to dish out satisfying flavors. They even bounced back after suffering severe fire damage in 2019! And without missing a beat during the pandemic lockdown, they transitioned to an online market that connects their customers with the top quality local products they source for their normal menu. We look forward to the delicious creative dishes they have in store for us in the near future! If you’re in New Orleans you will definitely want to stop by this neighborhood gem.

Read our Sneaky Pickle Review for details. / 4017 St Claude Ave / New Orleans, LA / 70117



Breads On Oak cinnamon walnut brioche roll
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Cinnamon Walnut Brioche Roll at Breads on Oak

Sean O’Mahony and his wife Chamain wanted to instigate a resurrection of the thriving baking culture that once was the norm in New Orleans 100 plus years ago.

With its rich French influenced culture, it’s not surprising that New Orleans was considered a bread making mecca in the United States.

Sean studied at the French Pastry School in Chicago with the directive to bring artisan bread back to New Orleans in a big way. But what set his mission apart was his understanding that truly great baked goods require whole healthy ingredients of superior quality. Breads on Oak opened its doors in 2012 and began wowing customers with organic breads and pastries made with high extraction flour to ensure the most flavorful and nutrient dense product.

Chamain is a vegan, and in 2018 Breads on Oak transitioned to being a fully plant-based, organic bakery! This is representative of how Sean and Chamain are walking the walk in many other ways as well. The majority of the produce used in their menu items is locally sourced and organic. Additionally, both locations of Breads On Oak receive the majority of their power from solar and use only plant-based compostable packaging. And at the end of the day, any leftovers or waste they accumulate are either donated, composted, or recycled. Factor into all of this stellar stewardship, a cornucopia of knock-your-socks-off baked-goods! Clean eating in New Orleans is alive!

Breads on Oak offers breakfast and lunch sandwiches, soups, salads, and quiches, plus pastries that will satisfy every craving. If you are vegan, you would normally have to miss out on New Orleans’ mandatory muffaletta, given that it is jam packed with cold-cuts. But alas! You are saved at Breads on Oak where you can order their Muffanada which features vegan Italian ham, Canadian bacon, and veggie provolone with olive salad! When you dig in at Breads on Oak, you can feel good on all fronts for sure!

Read our Breads on Oak Review for more info. / 222 Carondelet St. / 8640 Oak Street, Ste. A / New Orleans, LA



Green Fork NOLA Fresh Juices
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Fresh, delish and appropriately named juices at The Green Fork NOLA

Siblings, Stephanie Kern and Trey Buerger, saw a gap in the New Orleans food scene.

NOLA was in need of truly clean, healthy nutrition that was fast, convenient, and delicious. So they opened The Green Fork in 2010 with a vision to help transform the health of their neighborhood with vibrant juices, smoothies, and grab and go food options. Now they have grown to three locations in New Orleans, Metairie, and Covington respectively.

Unlike many corporate smoothie joints, The Green Fork doesn’t just blend together some apples and bananas with high sugar yogurt and call it health food. Their menu it a delicious mixture of superfoods and nutrient dense, mostly organic ingredients that will satisfy your body as well as your taste buds. Most importantly, The Green Fork has  achieved its goal of being a healthful alternative to fast food in clean eating New Orleans. All of us have those moments when we simply need to nourish our bodies but we only have 30 minutes to do it in. The Green Fork serves as the perfect spot to replenish with a top-notch juice, smoothie, soup, or grab and go meal.

Read our Green Fork Review for more info. / Three Locations: 1400 Prytania St, New Orleans / 69305 Highway 21 / 1021 Veterans Memorial Blvd



Bearcat Cafe New Orleans
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Breakfast is served all day at Bearcat Cafe

Bearcat Cafe is the perfect balance between New Orleans creative culinary scene and Clean Foodie’s lazer focus on high-quality, healthful ingredients.

Without a doubt, New Orleans is a foodie town. Thousands of people travel to New Orleans every month for gastronomy tours alone. But all of that mind blowing food isn’t necessarily clean. Enter Bearcat Cafe. Hello clean eating in New Orleans.

First off, most of the produce at Bearcat is organic and all of the bison and pork is organic. And while the entire menu is not 100% clean, it is 100% lick-your-plate-clean delicious. All of the ingredients are thoughtfully chosen for their quality, nutrition and flavor.

A great feature is how Bearcat divides their menu into two sections, “Good Cat” and “Bad Cat”. “Good Cat” is where you can find menu items that cater to special diets, like vegan or paleo, as well as lighter calorie fare. And the “Bad Cat” section doesn’t sacrifice in the quality of ingredients while offering the perfect crave worthy selection of more decedent “cheat day” meals. Wash it all down with fair trade coffee or tea and organic kombucha. In Clean Foodie’s review of Bearcat Cafe you’ll learn how even if you aren’t that hungry, you’ll find a way to savor every morsel of goodness at Bearcat!

Read our Bearcat Cafe Review for more info. / 2521 Jena St / New Orleans, LA / 70115



Raw Republic NOLA Toast Grab n Go
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Grab ‘n Go at it’s best from Raw Republic NOLA

The owners of Raw Republic, Evan and Sheena, experienced the positive transformation that a diet rooted in whole, organic, raw ingredients can provide.

And they realized they wanted to share what they’d learned with their community in New Orleans. Sheena lost her father to cancer in 2009 and witnessed how relying on western medicine alone was not the solution people needed. Healthy minds and bodies needed way more than a handful of pills.

Sheena studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a holistic health coach, began practicing Vipassana meditation, and also became a certified Living Foods practitioner. Evan discovered how this holistic approach to wellbeing and nutrition was able to undo years of reliance on pharmaceutical drugs. Together they opened Raw Republic in 2013 and it has grown to offer uncompromising quality at its two clean eating New Orleans locations.

Raw Republic features a clean, zen-like space that is a pleasure to sit and sip in – Plus, you’re able to chat with one of the six wellness practitioners on staff. All organic and mostly raw, the juices, smoothies, and grab and go offerings are designed to support a person’s health and wellbeing, as well as be a delicious option to cleanse, replenish, and fuel your body.

Read our Raw Republic Review for more info. / 4528 Magazine St. / New Orleans, LA / 70115


We hope you enjoyed this curated list of our top clean food in New Orleans destinations! And remember, if your diet requires more personalization, like gluten-free or paleo, or you just do not want to take any health risks by eating out, we highly encourage you to check out the meal plans from Sun Basket. In the oversaturated world of meal delivery kits, they really know how to throw down the so fresh and so clean clean!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, which helps cover operating costs and ensures we can continue to sustain our mission to bring you unbiased content and reviews. We do not link to products or services based on financial compensation alone, but more importantly, we give precedence to product quality and company values. CleanFoodie does not link to products we do not personally endorse.

Eating Clean New Orleans
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