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Clean Food in Austin - Top Picks

Austin is a Clean Foodie’s paradise, so picking our top faves was definitely a challenge.

If you live in the Austin area, or plan on visiting in the future, please be sure to check out these amazing spots for the best of clean food in Austin! They are sure to please your palate, while also being kind to your body.

If you’re reading this during the Covid 19 pandemic, all of the clean eating restaurants on this list (except for The Vegan Yacht) are accepting take-out orders, and some may or may not be open for dine-in. If you can’t afford taking health risks by eating out and/or need highly personalized home-delivery meals for super fresh and clean eating, we highly recommend checking out SUN BASKET. Not only is their food and service amazing, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING when you sign up here.




Picnik Flagship meal
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Picnik’s flagship meal

The founder of Picnik, Naomi Seifter, is singing our song.

As someone who has had to manage a food related chronic illness since she was a child, Naomi set out to innovate delicious ways for her community to heal with food. And boy, has she succeeded!

With three locations in Austin (flagship location on Burnet Rd) + Picnik food trucks at 1700 S. Lamar and 3020 E. Cesar Chavez St, Picnik pays meticulous attention to detail in sourcing the cleanest ingredients available like pasture raised organic beef, chicken, and wild caught seafood. Plus, the entire menu thoughtfully excludes gluten, peanut, and soy products while also providing options for people desiring diets free of maple, honey, grains, dairy, legumes, and corn.

But what really lands this place on Clean Foodie’s top picks list is the phenomenal “can’t put my fork down” food! And don’t forget to try one of their famous grass-fed butter coffees!

Read our Picnik Austin Review for details. (two locations) 4801 Burnet Rd / 1700 S. Lamar Blvd / Austin




Clean Food in Austin: Pacha Organic Cafe Pancake
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Pacha’s one-of-a-kind organic pancake

Pacha is one of Austin’s O.G. homes for organic comfort food.

Pacha has been churning out delicious clean food in Austin since 2000! If you have a deep and abiding love for breakfast foods, Pacha is the place for you. 90% of their ingredients are certified organic and the other 10% are sourced with care so you can rest easy in the quality you’re being served. Pacha is especially famous for their organic pancakes, but locals consider the whole menu, including quiches, salads, egg dishes, tacos and sandwiches a community staple for comfort food that actually loves you back.

Read our Pacha Cafe Review for more info. / 4618 Burnet Rd / Austin TX / 78756




Eden East farm to Bowl
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Farm to bowl goodness at Eden East, Austin

Eden East eats, lives, and breathes the definition of “farm to table”.

The majority of their fresh ingredients are sourced from their own on site farm and guests eat amongst the trees on hand hune wooden picnic tables. The effect is charming, rustic, and whimsical. Despite the natural surroundings, Eden east offers a sophisticated menu specializing in brunch and multi-course dinners. Be sure to check their website for serving times as well as info for making reservations, which are needed for their prix-fix dinners. Without a doubt, the planning in advance is worth it! Eden East serves up incredibly delicious, fresh, high quality, clean food!

Read our Eden East Review for more info. / 755 Springdale Rd / Austin TX / 78702




Tacodeli Houston Tacos
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Tacodeli knows tacos

Tacodeli is the American dream made delicious!

The founder, Roberto, grew up in Mexico City and fell in love with the fresh ingredients and traditional preparations in the taquerias, and now he has allowed the creative fire of Austin to help his vision blossom into over ten farm to table Tacodelis across Texas. Tacodeli is obsessed with freshness and quality which is what firmly secures their position as one of Clean Foodies top picks for clean food in Austin – that and the fact they are churning out some sensational tex-mex for sure! You can check out the values that Tocadeli stands by and how caring for people is ultimately their number one concern. Like so many, Clean Foodie loves Mexican food, so having a clean, high quality option makes our little taco-loving hearts sing “Muchas Gracias, Tacodeli!”

Read our Taco Deli (Rosedale) Review for more info. (flagship at Rosedale) 4200 N Lamar Blvd / Austin TX / 78756
Five additional locations in Austin: TacoDeli Spyglass | TacoDeli Westlake | TacoDeli Crestview | TacoDeli Gracy Farms



Vegan Yacht Chili
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Delicious vegan chili from the Vegan Yacht, Austin

This silver airstream is pumping out some of the most revolutionary, mouth watering vegan tex-mex around.

Vegans rejoice! Specializing in classics like, burritos, burrito bowls and frito-pie, Vegan’s and clean eater’s looking for meat-free meals can dig in with an easy mind. The Vegan yacht also offers gluten free options for those of us abstaining from gluten. Most of their ingredients are organic, except for the vegan cheese, avocados, and tortillas. The Vegan Yacht is a vegan hipster’s paradise for sure, providing high quality comfort food for anyone inclined to partake. On a side note (if you’re reading this during the Covid 19 quarantine), they are the only place on our list that is not offering take-out during the Covid-19 lockdown measures. To be sure, check their site when things have been lifted to see when they’ll be serving again. That will certainly be a happy day, woot woot!

Read our Vegan Yacht Review for more info. / 5212 Manchaca Rd / Austin TX / 78745


We hope you enjoyed this curated list of our top clean food in Austin destinations! And remember, if your diet requires more personalization, like gluten-free or paleo, or you simply do not want to take any health risks by eating out, we highly encourage you to check out the meal plans from Sun Basket. In the oversaturated world of meal delivery kits, they really know how to throw down the so fresh and so clean clean!



Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, which helps cover operating costs and ensures we can continue to sustain our mission to bring you unbiased content and reviews. We do not link to products or services based on financial compensation alone, but more importantly, we give precedence to product quality and company values. CleanFoodie does not link to products we do not personally endorse.


Juice Austin Picture Pear-fect Juice
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