Definition of Yummy Ratings

Our “YUMMY” ratings are identified by the number of tongues listed, 1-5 with 5 being the most delicious. Ratings are determined by taste quality and although subjective, it is an attempt to distinguish the yummy food from the just blah food and everything in between.

1 tongue – the lowest rating on the yummy scale. Quite frankly a 1 is rare and for the most part indicates some blah or not so good tasting food.

2 tongues – this rating indicates food that tastes, well, just ok. Certainly not anything to create mouth watering cravings to revisit.

3 tongues – good food, not over the top but decent good tasting food.

4 tongues – in general, some really yummy tasting food. Some dishes might be incredible, but balanced out by some that are not so tasty.

5 tongues – our highest rating, this food is to die for, a step above, outstanding, exceptional, and over the top in taste.