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Easy Buddha Bowl Recipe

New Orleans’ Ninth Ward favorite, Sneaky Pickle, knows how to serve up some clean comfort food. So in honor of their knack for home-cooked-goodness, we thought it would be fun to draft a recipe re-creation of their delicious Buddha Bowl, aka the Sneaky Pickle Bowl ‘o Food, that anyone could whip up at home! And if you’re wondering, no it does not have any pickles in it – not even sneaky ones!

Bowl O Food is one of Sneaky Pickle’s signature dishes, but what makes it so unique is that it’s actually more of a concept – the Buddha bowl – than it is one specific dish.

Of all the grain and vegetable bowl recipes out there, the Buddha Bowl is definitely the most famous. And, depending on what’s in season and jiving with owner Ben Tabor, Sneaky Pickle’s Bowl of Food Buddha Bowl is always a flavorful combination of a Legume, Grain and selection of Vegetables – a delicious framework that yields endless creative outcomes!

When Clean Foodie got the chance to visit Sneaky Pickle, the Bowl ‘o Food Buddha bowl just happened to be the super tasty iteration that day.

Our re-creation is super easy to make, and maybe not Sneaky Pickle out-of-this-world caliber, but a pretty dang tasty, clean, home-cooked and easy Buddha Bowl that you and your family can enjoy! Oh and did I mention it’s vegan too!?

Vegan Buddha Bowl at Sneaky Pickle
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Vegan Buddha Bowl Ingredients



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  • Start by placing a large saucepan or stock pot on the stove and turning the heat to medium. When the pan is warm add 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil. Once the oil is melted, toss in 1 chopped white onion and sprinkle salt over the onions. Stir, and when the onion turns translucent, add the Green Curry Paste. Stir continuously until the paste is fragrant.
  • Next, add half of one of your two cans of coconut milk. Basically, just enough coconut milk to loosen the paste and onion mixture so that it becomes a smooth sauce consistency.
  • Next toss in your Cauliflower and Potatoes and lightly sprinkle with salt, mix together until coated in the curry sauce and then cover and let steam for roughly 5 minutes.
  • Add the rest of your coconut milk, Squash and ChickPeas. Mix together, cover and let simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Uncover and let simmer for an additional 5 minutes.
  • Mix in your packet of steamed coconut rice, remove from heat, and squeeze in the juice of half a lime.
  • Once your buddha bowl sauce is no longer bubbling, carefully taste it to see if you’d like to add a touch more salt or even a squeeze of honey or agave if you’d prefer a little more sweetness.
  • Ladle into bowls and garnish with a lime wedge and fresh cilantro leaves.
  • Finally, throw in a handful of Taro Chips on top, and say Wa-Lah!


If that’s not one easy buddha bowl, I don’t know what is!

Please share your feedback below and any tips/discoveries you had while cooking up Clean Foodie’s favorite vegan Buddha Bowl dish inspired by the New Orleans cuisine of The Sneaky Pickle. Enjoy!

Sneaky Pickle bowl o food buddha bowl, New Orleans
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