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What’s Clean

The Power Of Juice is 100% Vegan and loosely follows the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen protocol regarding the sourcing of produce for its juices and smoothies. Organic ingredients are clearly labeled on the signage of its raw grab & go treats. Ask for more specifics about organic ingredients regarding the juices and other foods. Gluten-free and raw choices are plentiful.

What’s Served

The mainstay is cold-pressed juices and nut milks with an amazing array of clean and raw treats that keeps growing through the years. You’ll find pudding, mousse, muffins, cookies, energy balls, bars, and brownies, coffee, cold-brew, tea, kombucha and smoothies made to order.

What I Ordered

I’ve been a frequent visitor at both Power Of Juice locations over the years and have never been disappointed. I became addicted to the Koko Cacao Cashew Milk during a summer stint in this area a few years back. However today I grabbed a Purple Haze Lemonade and a Buckeye Pudding. Just wow! There are no words to describe the pudding, smooth and addictive as well, with hints of peanut and coconut butters and cacao, it was hard to put my spoon down…so I did not. The Lemonade was amazing as well, popping with a pungent lemon flavor yet sweet enough and refreshing.

The Vibe

Located on the outskirts of the Tennis Hall of Fame property, this location houses the Newport charm of the area, and then some. Part boutique and part raw juice bar, limited seating is available inside.

The Takeaway

These taste buds consistently experience pure enjoyment with every Power Of Juice encounter. Love their transparency in labeling the organic ingredients of the raw treats; I would like to see more of that with the juices etc. Kudos to them for bottling the juices, puddings, and nut milks in glass jars, thank you! The Power Of Juice serves the cleanest juice and raw treats around, stop by and support local…and be wowed!

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