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Featured Restaurant: Jungle Organic - Indiatlantic, FL

The Jungle Organic is the quintessential Clean Foodie restaurant. Their primary focus is clean eating. And while they are inclusive to a ton of dietary lifestyles, like vegetarian, raw, gluten-free, etc., their number one objective is for ingredients to be free from all pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic chemicals.

Is an ingredient clean? Is it flavorful? Is it nutritious?

If yes, then it’ll pass the test to be made into an incredible dish at The Jungle Organic in Indiatlantic! It’s such a sigh of relief to go into a restaurant and order anything on the menu with the peace of mind knowing that everything is clean.

And the menu hits the perfect balance between the kind of crave-worthy food one tends to want to eat when going out to a restaurant, and the nutritious, kind-to-your-body food that actually gives you a good physical and mental feeling after eating. For example, a decedent, mouthwatering, grass-fed-beef burger served, not with fries, but with a small side of four flavorful and nutrient-packed chef’s salads.


The Jungle Organic Grassfed Burger, Indialantic FL
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The Jungle’s organic, grassfed burger is off the chain delish.


Their soups are the same way – luscious and full of flavor and jammed packed with the vitamins and minerals your body is really craving without any synthetic chemicals. Everything on the menu hits that perfect note of satisfying, nutritious, and CLEAN.

We’re talking about a lineup that’ll beg you to come back again and again in order to try every last thing on the menu: Flatbreads, Crostini, Sandwiches, Soup, Tacos, Crepes, Salads, Sides, Desserts, and one mean Burrito you can customize with Chicken Breast, Fresh Caught Fish, Wild Shrimp, and/or Avocado.


Jungle Organic Tacos
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Gourmet tacos with clean ingredients at a very reasonable price? Yes, please.


Looking at The Jungle Organic from the outside and its inconspicuous roadside location, you would never guess that there is a calm, creative oasis churning out top-notch clean eats. Customers first enter the Market portion of The Jungle Organic and will be impressed by the fantastic selection of organic and non-toxic household, beauty, and personal care products plus organic prepared foods and pantry items. If you’re dedicated to a clean lifestyle as a whole, The Jungle Organic is seriously a one-stop-shop.

The Jungle Organic Market
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The Jungle Organic Market offers all you need to do your clean food shopping


Tucked to the left of the Market is the Restaurant portion of The Jungle Organic, which you’ll understand the namesake when you go inside. The dining area features a faux rock wall complete with waterfall, tropical plants, and aquariums. The color scheme is muted and calming with lighting that is neither jarring nor snooze-inducing. This combination evokes the feeling of a fern gully-themed, man-made cenote, pre or post having a spa treatment!

Speaking of spa treatments; as of late June, The Jungle is in the process of adding a salt cave and a hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy. So  yeah, I’m ready to move in!

The Jungle Organic has actually been open since 2003, and was destroyed twice by hurricanes in 2004. But despite the major setbacks, husband and wife team Lea Barnes and Dustin Barnes stayed dedicated to their vision and persevered with the help and support of their dedicated community of customers, staff, and local vendors. Even during the upheaval of the Pandemic in April 2020, they were packing up their three little girls into a truck to drive 4 hours to supply their Jungle Organic Customers with toilet paper and launching a mask donation program for essential workers.

Sadly, at the end of May, they announced they would have to permanently close their sister restaurant in Vero Beach. Thankfully, all of you Space Coast Clean Foodies can breathe a sigh of relief because The Jungle Organic Indialantic Restaurant and Market is still going strong with indoor and outdoor seating. Lea and Dustin have also made a point of not jacking up their margin in order to keep prices reasonable.

The Jungle Organic is exactly the kind of place you want to go after a day in the sun in order to indulge in a conscience way. Honestly, it’s totally worth driving to Indiatlantic just to eat at The Jungle Organic. And like I said, you’ll probably keep coming back to try everything on the menu at least once. Okay, maybe twice…. Three times… You get the picture.

The Jungle Organic Indialantic, FL
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