Lucky’s Market – Gainesville (Permanently Closed)

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What’s Offered

Lucky’s carries a varied selection of organic produce and packaged foods, however, available choices of wild caught seafood and organic poultry are limited. They do carry a respectable amount of clean 100% grass fed beef that is never fed antibiotics or growth hormones. Their bakery does not use ingredients with artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and offers a few organic and Non-GMO choices. The dairy sold at Lucky’s is raised without the use of rGBH. Gluten free, organic and non-GMO foods are available in just about every department. A few organic egg and dairy choices, organic shelf stable foods, and a huge selection of coffee beans in bulk are always in stock. Lastly, you’ll find a decent variety of wines and lots of beer, including craft and local brews.

The Takeaway

Lucky’s Markets are spacious and offer a good variety of clean and organic foods. Furthermore, they carry many clean food choices that are not found at other grocery chain stores. They also have the largest bulk section in all the land. Lucky’s supports local farmers and artisans more than most large chains. Their passion for encouraging sustainability and community is commendable. Oh, did I mention the draft beer?  Grab a pint on your way in for $2; no wonder there’s such a happy vibe at Lucky’s Market. It should be noted that the deli, smoothie, juice and pizza counters do not meet our minimum requirements. For that reason, they are not part of this review.

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