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What’s Offered

Our first visit to Greenwise Market was nothing less than impressive. You’ll find an excellent selection of organic and clean foods throughout the store. Fresh organic produce is plentiful, as well as pre-packaged grass-fed beef and organic options. The intimate seafood department offers fresh wild-caught fish, as well as a few shellfish choices. A limited amount of organic chicken is also available. Organic shelf-stable foods line the shelves including a welcomed assortment of not-so-common specialty foods. Organic dairy, non-dairy, and plant-based foods and beverages are plentiful as well as organic bulk bin items such as nuts and grains. Near the center of the store, you’ll find a Salad Bar and soup bar with all the fixings. Thankfully, each ingredient is clearly labeled as to which is organic, or not. There’s a Pizza Bar too that uses organic toppings and cheese, but falls short with the non-organic sauce and dough. The toppings are the only organic ingredients at the Bowl Bar as well. Unfortunately, there’s next to nothing organic at the smoothie, acai, coffee, kombucha, and wine bar.

The Takeaway

With only 8 locations in the south and growing, Greenwise Market has brought back clean and organic specialty foods for which we are so grateful. The mixture of clean everyday and unique specialty foods is a refreshing change. Paleo, keto, vegan, and gluten-free options are plentiful as well. You’ll find clean and organic choices in just about every section and food category, including organic Boar’s Head cheeses at the deli. If you have a Greenwise Market in your neighborhood, you are some lucky peeps!

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