Clean Foodie Ratings Guide

Rating guide

How We Find and Evaluate Restaurants

Found in a variety of ways, we engage in an extensive process in determining potential restaurants. Publications, word of mouth, scouring the internet, networking or simply driving around are a sampling of tools we use. A master list is then compiled of possible restaurants. From there, we call each restaurant, (sometimes several times), and query the staff regarding the quality of ingredients, from where it is sourced, how it is prepped and cooked, organic, local, scratch made, etc.

Please see our application for consideration in the contact section for a more thorough list of typical questions asked. Based on the answers received, if the restaurant appears to be serving clean food we will then visit the establishment and ask more questions in person. Once we have sufficient information indicating the restaurant’s use of clean ingredients, only then will we actually order, sample food, rate and write a review.

Please know that we are not a certifying agency. Our rating system is not a black and white or cut and dry process. There are too many variables and no two kitchens are the same. Restaurants and chefs come and go, and menus can change frequently. As always, we encourage you to ask specific questions about the ingredients before ordering.

Definition of Clean Ratings

Our CLEAN ratings are identified by the number of avocados listed, 1-5 with 5 being the cleanest rating. Although on occasion, some subjectivity is needed, the cleanliness of the ingredients is ascertained by asking many questions of various staff members and cross referencing with suppliers when possible.

The lowest rating on the clean scale. Most likely has a minimum of 2 food groups that are clean. A patron has the potential to eat a clean meal although they might have to pick apart the menu a bit to do so.

A minimum of 2 clean food groups as well as some other clean ingredients offered, but some of the “other ingredients” might not be clean on a consistent basis.

2 or 3 clean food groups as well as many other clean ingredients offered, but  some of the “other ingredients” might not be clean on a consistent basis.

3 or more food groups considered clean and/or most menu items and ingredients are clean on a consistent basis.

Everything is clean all of the time, very rare to find and our highest clean rating.


Definition of Yummy Ratings

Our YUMMY ratings are identified by the number of tongues listed, 1-5 with 5 being the most delicious. Ratings are determined by taste quality and although subjective, it is an attempt to distinguish the yummy food from the just blah food and everything in between.

The lowest rating on the yummy scale. Quite frankly a 1 is rare and for the most part indicates some blah or not so good tasting food.

This rating indicates food that tastes, well, just ok. Certainly not anything to create mouth watering cravings to revisit.

Good food, not over the top but decent good tasting food.

In general, some really yummy tasting food. Some dishes might be incredible, but balanced out by some that are not so tasty.

Our highest rating, this food is to die for, a step above, outstanding, exceptional, and over the top in taste.


Definition of Price Rating

up to $10

up to $20

up to $30

up to $40

up to $50