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What’s Clean

At Community Loaves, their flours and eggs are always organic and locally sourced, while their eggs are pasture-raised as well. Most other ingredients are organic or organically grown and sourced locally whenever possible. Everything is scratch-made in-house including the jams, mayo, and syrups.

What’s Served

Community Loaves is known for its organic hearth-baked sourdough bread and fresh pastries which are scratch-made Tuesday through Sunday. However, the cafe serves some amazing dishes such as toasts, quiche, sandwiches, soup, and their ever-popular brunch specials on the weekends. In addition, they have several sides to choose from, vegan options and a kids menu.

What I Ordered

I had one of the brunch special’s which was organic house-made sourdough pancakes with berry syrup. These pancakes were divine and some of the best I’ve ever tasted. I got the order to go and while waiting and watching the unbelievable breakfast food emerging from the kitchen, the drooling began. The Sourdough Pancakes arrived topped with sliced peaches, candied pecans, and a dollop of fresh cream…and of course the berry syrup created in-house. OMG, the pancakes literally melted in my mouth and were over the top in taste. I haven’t stopped dreaming about them since, no joke.

The Vibe

I have to be honest, when I pulled up to the Community Loaves Bakery/Restaurant my initial thought was “well this will only take a minute” as I judged a book by its cover, so to say. Glad I did my due diligence, but the Murray Hill area restaurant is nothing fancy inside or out, in fact, it’s bare-bones minimum. The chairs, tables, and decor are old and basic…but the food and baked goods are a different story. Great News…just found out this amazing bakery is moving to new digs right next door, so happy for them! Well deserved and I’m looking forward to checking the new place out…stay tuned.

The Takeaway

What a find! Don’t let the lack of curb appeal deter you, the food makes up for it and more! Community LOaVEs is an Organic Artisan Bakery with amazing sourdough breads and a cafe serving the best tasting mostly clean breakfast in Jacksonville! Don’t miss this place…the food is a step above in taste and preparation!

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