Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm

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What’s Clean

At Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm, the pork is pasture-raised on-site and supplemented with organic feed and scraps. The beef is 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised as well. Much of the produce is organic and harvested from their own farm. Otherwise, it’s locally sourced from an organic grower. Just about everything is scratch-made in house, even the sourdough bread. The bread is made with non-GMO, non-brominated flour and is fermented for 24hrs. The coffee and teas are organic as well as many ingredients, ask for more specifics.

What’s Served

The menu changes weekly depending on the current harvest. Approximately 14 entrees ranging from spiced French Toast to Pad Thai-style Green Papaya Salad to Squash Blossom Tempura were menu offerings on the day of our visit. Organic wine, local craft beers, and even a few organic beer choices adorn the beverage menu. You might want to try their chilled botanical drinks, made in-house of course; they are quite amazing.

What I Ordered

We ordered the Burrata & Ricotta Ravioli in Pecan Pesto, and Shrimp & Organic Grits with a Sunny Duck Egg. The large cheese-filled ravioli lay like fluffy pillows in a light yet creamy pesto sauce. Adorned with fresh micro greens, chopped pecans, and fresh herbs, this pasta favorite was nothing short of sinful. The shrimp were large and mildly seasoned while the grits were warm and creamy. Loved the fresh microgreens atop the sunny side up duck egg, overall a delish and filling portion of homestyle goodness. For dessert, we ordered the Salted Caramel Beignets, which were a delight but hardly the best. The Beignets were more dense than fluffy, but the caramel sauce was irresistible.

The Vibe

Literally farm to plate, the open-air restaurant is situated in the center of their 100 acre working farm. Rustic chic decor with exposed wooden beams and rafters creating shelter for long family-sized artisan tables. A comfy outdoor seating area is positioned on a patio just outside the end of the restaurant. Rosy Tomorrows has a one of a kind, wonderful and magical atmosphere.

The Takeaway

Just Wow, what an amazing place! All of the dishes passing by were drool inspiring, I want to try everything on the menu. Quite literally farm to plate dining, exquisite food with an ever-changing seasonal menu, served in a warm and cozy setting. Don’t be surprised when the screen door swings open and Sandy the happy farm dog wanders in to say hello, surprisingly, she doesn’t beg at all. Feel free to peruse the farm and visit the animals after or before dining. Rosy Tomorrow’s Heritage Farm is a must stop here now kind of place in North Ft Myers, FL. Reservations are needed and hours and days of operation are limited. Can’t wait for a return visit, thank you Rosy Tomorrows for doing things right.

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