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What’s Clean

Just about everything is scratch-made in house and much of the produce is organically grown and local. Kimball House also harvests from a small garden on the property. The seafood is wild-caught except for the trout and oysters, which are farmed. The oysters are sourced primarily from farms in the Gulf and Atlantic coastal areas that practice sustainable methods, ask for more specifics. The beef and pork are grain-finished, however, there was a single grass-fed tenderloin on the menu during our visit.

What’s Served

Although Kimball House is best known for its caviar, oysters, and cocktails, farm to table small plates with a French twist is what brought this Clean Foodie to Kimball House. Other than the extensive raw bar/oyster menu, the main menu is limited in size, quality over quantity here. Appetizers, veggie plates, salads, caviar, a few fish entrees, 7 steak choices, a duck entree, and a pork entree round out the menu offerings. Some of the enticing dishes include a Peach Salad, Duck Breast, and Grouper with kohlrabi, hakurei turnip, tomato, squash, and barigoule.

What I Ordered

I ordered a Shrimp Cocktail from the appetizer menu and an Heirloom Pea Salad. The shrimp were quite large in size and nicely presented in a margarita style glass with scallion shoots and a lemon wedge. With a quick dunk, the clean and succulent shrimp came to life once slathered in the robust cocktail sauce, house-made I believe. The fresh and tasty Heirloom Pea Salad arrived with a blend of Sea Island red peas and white rice peas over arugula, mixed with mushrooms, celery, Carolina gold rice, rice milk, and a decadent house dressing, wow, what a delightful combo! Fresh with 100% real ingredients, the salad proved to be an indulgent bowl of nutrition fit for a queen.

The Vibe

Back in the day, the building served as the area’s railroad station, however, Kimball House has transformed the space into a sleek design with a saloon type feel, complete with leather bench seating, dark woods, and tons of character. Several tables are also available outdoors, weather permitting.

The Takeaway

Kimball House is a very popular spot for happy hour and although walk-ins are welcome, reservations are suggested. Most menu dishes are under $30, however, a few of the steak and caviar prices climb into the triple digits, make sure you’ve got plenty of available credit on that card. Parking can be a challenge as well. Kimball House does deliver in the taste department with innovative and complex farm to plate fare and innovative cocktails.

Kimball House Bean Salad
Outdoor Seating

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