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What’s Clean

At Magpie Cafe, the coffee and flour is organic as well as 95% of all ingredients used in their baked goods. The lamb and chicken are organic and they are currently working on acquiring organic pork as well. Most of the produce is also organic and locally sourced. The milk is not organic but is sourced from a local dairy and is rBGH free.

What’s Offered

Aside from amazing organic coffee, Magpie Cafe serves up a scrumptious assortment of mostly organic baked goods in addition to lunch, brunch and evening specials. Everything from quiche to paninis, casseroles to soups, salads, grits, and toasts. These specials are nothing to sneeze at, check out their Instagram page for a sample of the amazing variety and unique food they crank out of their small kitchen. In the grab & go case you can find various puddings, overnight oats, traditional baked goods, treats, sandwiches, wraps, and protein snacks.

What I Ordered

Since I arrived after the daily specials were all sold out, I ordered a coffee and some baked goods. Both were over the top in taste and I can’t wait to visit next time to sample some of their amazing looking food.

The Vibe

Magpie Cafe at Perkins Overpass is basically an old house turned into a kitchen/coffee bar where you can bring your laptop, have breakfast or lunch and sip away at delicious organic coffee. A nice sized area houses many tables and chairs in a relaxed atmosphere. They also have a retail section selling unique household and kitchen items as well as clean body care products.

The Takeaway

Magpie is known as a Craft Coffee Bar but it is truly so much more than that. For the most part they source locally and organic when possible. I dig this place and it’s a top 3 Clean Foodie pick for Baton Rouge LA.

Magpie Cafe downtown toast

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3205 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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