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What’s Clean

The coffee served at Rise Up Coffee is 100% certified organic and fair trade. The eggs and all of the teas are organic as well as the ingredients in the fruit smoothie. The dairy milk is grass-fed, pasture-raised, and supplemented with organic grains in the colder months. The acai and peanut butter are organic while most of the fresh ingredients are sourced locally. The non-dairy milks are non-GMO but are not organic.

What’s Served

Rise Up Coffee serves coffee and teas every which way with an assortment of breakfast sandwiches and such, made to order. A few acai bowls and frozen smoothies round out the menu.

What I Ordered

While in the area, I visited Rise Up Coffee 3 different times. On my first visit, I ordered the Avocado Toast with an organic egg and an Iced Decaf Latte. The avo mash itself was creamy and spot-on, although the toast was a bit on the hard side. The pico was fresh with large chunks of onion, peppers, and tomato. Loved the Iced Latte, could have drunk a gallon. On future visits, I sampled The Rise Up Breakfast Burrito, and Breakfast Sandwich on a scratch-made biscuit. Stuffed with chorizo, scrambled eggs, chunks of tender potatoes, and avocado mash, The Rise Up Burrito was a warm wrap full of flavor and my fave choice. The breakfast biscuit sandwich was good but not moan worthy. The interior fried egg, bacon, and cheese were delish but the biscuit was just a little on the dry side.

The Vibe

Each Rise Up Coffee location is rich with character, lots of natural finishes, and seating provided indoors and out.

The Takeaway

Rise Up Coffee is a stand-up coffee roaster in itself, all the while serving amazing coffee creations and comfy breakfast foods in 11 locations and growing. Local sourcing of fresh ingredients is a huge priority, of which many are clean and even organic. Rise Up Coffee won’t disappoint, stop by for a jolt of yum and a fresh bit.

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