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What’s Clean

The sourdough bread varieties are made with 100% organic flours, fermented and baked on-premises in a wood-fired oven. Zero commercial yeast is used and most of the flour is locally grown and milled. The produce is organically grown at People’s Farm, which is across the street from the bakery. The beef is 100% grass-fed at Kananga Farm which is also a small local nearby farm. The grab & go foods are scratch-made with a mixture of conventional and organic ingredients.

What’s Served

Fresh sourdough bread in a variety of flavors and shapes. Available flavors vary with each baking day and include Raisin Walnut, Toasted Almond Porridge, and even Habanero-Ghost Pepper Jack Cheese. Freshly made soups, granola, quiches, and cookies are also available as grab & go items. Under the tent, you’ll find fresh organically grown produce from a neighboring farm. Local 100% grass-fed pastured beef is also available for sale.

What I Ordered

I pre-ordered a loaf of plain old Rustic White Sourdough, and I’m so glad I did. This sourdough is like no other, outstanding in every way. The crust has a much lighter crispness to it than the traditional hard and tough sourdough crusts that are often difficult to chew. The loaf flexes when pressured and bounces back with a springiness. The soft, moist, and pillowy center has many nooks and pockets and is off the charts, mouth-watering delish.

The Vibe

Woodfired Bread is strictly a grab & go establishment and is only open on Fridays from 3pm – 7pm. When I arrived slightly after 3pm, the line of people was almost to the street and the bread was sold out within an hour and 15 minutes. It is highly recommended that you pre-order the day before. This bakery is a local favorite where everyone knows each other and Fridays can’t come soon enough.

The Takeaway

Nate, the owner, and talented artisan baker, is committed to excellence and is extremely particular about his fermentation process and baking procedures. He says it’s all in the “bugs”, aka the fermentation process that is just as much of an art as firing up the wood-fired oven to 600 degrees and inducing the right amount of humidity. Might I add that Nate made his infamous wood-fired oven himself, from scratch, with his own two hands. Woodfired Bread is where the locals go for the best bread in town, and in my opinion, the best anywhere.

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