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What’s Clean

Dundore & Heister is a whole animal butchery and is known for its local pastured meats. The beef is 100% grass-fed and the pork is pastured and grain-finished with organic and non-GMO grains. The bone broth is house-made from the bones of the same cows. The chicken is either pastured and organically raised, or certified organic and locally sourced. The cheese is from the milk of cows that are 100% grass-fed and organically grown. Many of the ingredients in the deli foods and sandwiches are organically grown or raised as well. Dundore & Heister’s goal is to source everything they offer from within a 150-mile radius.

What’s Served

House-made soups and bone broths are served daily and available to take home from the Grab & Go case. With sandwiches being the dominant menu item, Dundore & Heister also serves grass-fed all-beef hot dogs, rotisserie chicken, a wrap or two, and a salad. You’ll also find Grab & Go foods such as sausage, kraut, desserts, drinks, sauces, and more.

What I Ordered

I ordered the grass-fed Braised Beef Sandwich served on a local Potato roll. The shredded and tender braised beef arrived piled high on a warm and toasty potato roll. Drizzled with a house-made garlic aioli atop melted cheddar and pickled onions…yep, this sandwich is the real deal; mean, lean, homemade, and clean. During a second visit, I ordered the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, oh my! Tender and moist breaded chicken topped with shredded lettuce and a boatload of sliced pickles made for a 2 fisted sandwich. Smothered in 2 different sauces, of which one brought just a touch of heat, this Sammie had all the textures going on while tickling every tastebud known to man. I also grabbed a Dark Chocolate Pudding from the Grab & Go case that was so velvety smooth and delish, and a Butterfly Lime Kombucha by Hex ferments that was off the charts.

The Vibe

The small shop houses the Dundore & Heister butchery and grocery. Counter service is offered as this is strictly a takeout stop, tables or seating are not provided.

The Takeaway

Wow, much respect for Dundore & Heister where meat is done right, from start to finish. Sustainability and supporting local farmers and growers is a priority. Clean meat served to the public is not an easy find, let alone in delicious sandwiches and other lip-smacking creations. Thank you Dundore & Heister for all you do!

Dundore & Heister Crispy Chicken Sandwich & Booch
Counter Service
Grab & Go

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