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What’s Clean

The beef served at Farm Fresh Fast is 100% grass-fed and pastured at a local SC farm. The eggs and chicken come from hens that are pasture-raised, eat grass and insects, and are supplemented with non-GMO grains. Most of the produce is chemical-free and local organically grown when in season. Gluten-free and vegan options are plentiful. The turkey, vegan cheese, tortillas, and  donuts are not organic. The oils and sauces, for the most part, are not organic.

What’s Served

Handhelds include a burger, a few wraps, sandwiches, and a quesadilla. Salads and several entrees such as meatloaf, stir-fry, jambalaya, and chicken are offered. Vegan options include grain bowls, tempeh wraps, and Beyond Meat dishes. For dessert, Farm Fresh Fast displays a variety of Vegan Donuts that are Gluten-Free and Sugar-Free.

What I Ordered

We ordered the Coal Miner’s Daughter Seared Meatloaf entree, the Farm Fusion Lo Mein, and a Peach Cobbler Donut for dessert. Made with spiralized zucchini and squash, sauteed cabbage, onion, and peppers, the Lo Mein was clearly the table favorite. Although rich in soy sauce, the house-made dressing was slurpable and accentuated the natural flavors of the al-dente veggies, creating a delectable dish. The seared meatloaf was also a delight, and again, the sauteed veggies and sweet potatoes stole the show. The donut was crazy good gourmet quality, yet super sweet, hmmm no sugar? Would love to know what they use for sweeteners…

The Vibe

Farm Fresh Fast boasts a rustic farmhouse feel with barn wood tables and lots of southern charm. Table and bar seating is provided indoors only.

The Takeaway

Farm Fresh Fast does a great job of incorporating clean and local ingredients into creative and delish dishes. However, I wish they used cleaner oils and ingredients in the sauces and dressings. Great donuts too, hard to fathom they are vegan, they are pretty darn fantastic. Lovely atmosphere as well, all and all, Farm Fresh Fast is a nice addition to the clean eating scene in Greenville SC. Thank you for supporting local!

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