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What’s Clean

Folk places a heavy emphasis on local sourcing. Much of the menu is scratch-made including the pork sausage, sourdough bread, and pizza dough. Most of the produce is organically grown and local, while the flour is also organic. The chicken is raised organically and fed non-GMO corn and soy. The shrimp and crab are wild-caught, and the mussels are responsibly farmed. The beef is grain finished with non-GMO grains and the pork is supplemented with non-GMO grains as well. We were unable to determine the cleanliness of the cheese.

What’s Served

The menu is seasonal at Folk and changes often. In general, you’ll find a handful of seafood and meat dishes, appetizers, amazing pizzas, and a veggie section that includes salads. Dessert must not be missed; fresh, and made in-house of course. Enjoy a High Garden Tea, a cold brew, a libation from the full bar, or an impressive wine from their collection.

What I Ordered

This chica can’t resist a good pie, so I ordered the Pineapple Tomato Mozzarella Pizza with house-made Nduja Sausage as an add-on. The organic dough is leavened and made in-house, then baked in 1 of 2 wood-fired ovens. The Neopolitan style crust arrived complete with sexy burn marks in all the right places. The spicy sausage worked well with the sweet pineapple and tender, thinly sliced red onions. Minimal cheese was used, which was nice, allowing the flavors of the other toppings to shine. Overall, this pie was crazy good and its lack of greasiness earned it extra bonus points. This chica loves dessert too…out of the blue, a Rhubarb Tart arrived, complete with a dollop of fresh creme fraiche. The buttery flavored base was crunchy at the bottom with a softer cake-like layer above. Infused with savory rhubarb morsels, cheat night was so worth it…divinity in every bite.

The Vibe

Situated in an older brick building, you’ll find an L-shaped marble-topped bar at the entry. With high ceilings, exposed brick, wood-slatted walls, and upholstered bench seating, the newly remodeled open space has the feels of industrial chic. Much of the kitchen is open and in full view. I don’t know if I’m getting a tad bit too old or not, but I did find the soft rock playing in the background to be uncomfortably loud.

The Takeaway

One of Nashville’s cleanest and finest, Folk does a great job in supporting local small farms and growers. The sister restaurant to renowned Rolf and Daughters, delicious scratch meals made with some of the purest ingredients is a nightly occurrence. Enjoy!

Folk Wood-Fired Pizza

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