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What’s Clean

The folks at Rolf And Daughters make it a priority to source clean, top quality ingredients from local purveyors. All ocean seafood is wild caught with the trout being farmed. The chicken is organic while the pork and lamb are raised naturally and fed non-GMO grains. RAD sources from 2 different beef farms, one of which provides 100% grass fed beef, while the other offers grass fed/grain finished beef fed non-GMO soy and corn. On the night of my visit, the beef dishes were made with 100% grass fed meat. The majority of the produce is from local farms using either organic growing methods or have certified organic status. The pasta and breads and are made in house using organic flour.

What’s Served

The menu changes with the seasons but for the most part offers numerous small plates, as well as several main entrees and house-made pasta dishes. Although I did not indulge, I hear the cocktails are incredible and if looks are any indication, I think I heard correctly.

What I Ordered

I ordered the house made Smoked Beef Sausage with local Cipollini and Squash. The flavor of the sausage was outstanding with a hint of heat. Ingredient freshness was evident and the texture was smooth which was a pleasant surprise. The tender veggies complemented the sausage nicely and overall the dish was a delight. My neighbor ordered the organic housemade Sourdough Bread with Seaweed Butter and the Kale Salad. The bread arrives as half a loaf with plenty of dipping sauces/oils available if seaweed butter is not your thing. The Kale Salad was earthy and fresh with house-made dressing made from a yogurt base. Toppings included sunflower seeds, Danish rye, and Black Currant. There’s nothing ordinary about the food at Rolf And Daughters, wow!

The Vibe

RAD occupies an older building complete with original brick walls and lots of wood with a hint of industrial finishes. It’s a busy place and since the restaurant occupies one open space, it can get pretty loud. A large “L” shaped bar takes up a quarter of the space with tables and booths rounding up the rest of the seating choices. For a quieter option, outdoor seating is available, weather permitting, on the patio in front of the restaurant.

The Takeaway

At Rolf And Daughters, the menu offerings are a bit pricey but certainly gourmet with portions leaning towards the smaller side. The overall quality is a step above in preparation, presentation, ingredients, and taste. Without a doubt, I’ll take quality over quantity any day of the week. Indulge at one of Nashville’s cleanest and delish farm to table establishments, you won’t be disappointed.

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