Casa de Luz

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What’s Clean

At Casa de Luz, everything is organic, vegan and gluten free. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced as well.

What’s Served

They offer a pre-fixed menu which consists of an entree, soup, salad, and beverage. Beverage choices include filtered water and cold or hot tea. Other beverages and desserts are available but are not included in the pre-fixed price.

What I Ordered

The set menu for the day included cabbage and mushroom veggie soup, veggie tacos, and a salad made of purple cabbage and lettuce. Sides for the tacos were black beans, blanched collard greens, pickled beets, and a brown rice medley. The GF tortillas were outstanding and didn’t fall apart when handled. The taste and texture was spot on as well. The taco veggies were fresh and tender, but the soup was a bit bland. The 2 ingredient salad was very basic and arrived with the vinegarette dressing already applied. I prefer to add my own dressing, but overall the salad was decent in taste. The black beans were yummy, as was the sauce topping. Unfortunately, the collards, beets and rice medley were bland and lacked flavor. Overall, the food was quite basic in flavor, but Casa de Luz certainly uses super clean ingredients and cooking methods.

The Vibe

Located in the Casa de Luz Village, the tranquil space boasts a beautiful walkway with meditation spaces and rooms. The restaurant is located at the rear of the property and I promise, you’ll enjoy every step along the way. The smaller plates such as salad and soup are self-serve, while the entree is brought to your table. The restaurant resembles a self-service dining room, with a cafeteria-like feel. However, the lovely outdoor seating area, complete with sun umbrellas, makes up for the lack of ambiance inside.

The Takeaway

Casa de Luz is not a gourmet dining experience. However, it is a zen and peaceful space serving clean, healthy food at a reasonable price. The grounds are worth the trip alone.

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