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What’s Clean

Approximately 90% of the produce and ancillary ingredients served at 5 Points Local are organically grown or certified organic. Their cold pressed juices are organic. I was told on several inquiries that the chicken and eggs are organic and the beef is 100% grass fed, even though that is not indicated on their menu. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally, within 150 miles from San Antonio. The entire restaurant is gluten free. They also offer several vegan options.

What’s Offered

The menu consists of traditional breakfast foods served all day, grain and veggie bowls and plates. The plates offered are mainly hot sandwiches along with a few Tex Mex choices. Bakery foods are available as well as kombucha, cold pressed juice, teas, coffee, beer, cider, and wine.

What I Ordered

With a name such as the Warrior Bowl, how can one resist? I chose the grass fed flank steak as my protein option. Unfortunately, the food was already cold when it arrived and the so-called poached egg was overdone with a solid yolk. The avocado was nice as was the beet and potato mixture, however, the bowl lacked a sauce or some other ingredient that melded the ingredients. In other words, it seemed like I was eating a bowl of sides positioned next to each other instead of a bowl with ingredients that complimented each other and worked together. Overall, the dish was decent in taste, but not something I would order again. I did see the Barbacoa Bowl pass by which looked amazing, as did the Lamb Melt. I did ask the recipient of the Lamb Melt what she thought of the taste and the feedback was just…meh.

The Vibe

I love the atmosphere at 5 Points Local; friendly with a neighborhood feel. Tables, bar seating and an open kitchen occupy the front area with a larger dining area located in the back section. Outdoor seating is provided with partial cover along the side of the restaurant. Orders are taken at the counter and the food is brought to your table.

The Takeaway

The space is fantastic and I appreciate the fact that 5 Points Local is all gluten free. The food looked amazing, but fell a bit short in the taste department. I am, however, looking forward to my next visit in hopes of sampling a few of their breakfast choices and that yummy looking Barbacoa Bowl.

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