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What’s Clean

Just about all of the ingredients used at Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop are organic. Everything is vegan and scratch-made in house. In addition, about half of the menu foods and baked goods offered are Gluten-Free.

What’s Served

From donuts to croissants, to cookies, to cakes and everything in between is what you’ll find at Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop. Along with your typical bakery offerings, Kolaches are a big hit at this San Antonio Bakeshop. The Czech inspired stuffed breakfast sandwiches are famous in TX, but finding one that is vegan and made with organic ingredients is like finding a needle in a haystack. In addition, Toasters, which is their play on pop tarts, is another unique find, and boy do they look divine.

What I Ordered

I ordered a chocolate croissant, a blackberry filled pastry, and a cinnamon roll. Oh my, what a trifecta!! The savory cinnamon roll was dense, yet moist and not too sweet. The fruit-filled pastry was flaky and light while the blackberry filling was perfectly proportioned ensuring fruit in every bite. Last but not least, the warm croissant was soft and flaky with a gooey rich chocolate filling. Yes, I did eat all 3 of these treats at a single sitting, oink, oink. That was not the plan, but each was too good to put down.

The Vibe

Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop occupies a smaller sized space with a few tables available inside the shop. You’ll experience simple decor and furnishings as well as hometown charm.

The Takeaway

Thank you Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop for what you do; vegan and organic baked goods and treats without sacrificing taste. There are quite a few vegan bakeries out there these days, however, few produce such great tasting creations as this. Even fewer use all organic ingredients, and don’t forget the gluten-free choices. Visit these rockstars in San Antonio, you won’t be disappointed.

*Miss Chickpea’s Bakeshop has expanded to include Miss Chickpea’s Cafetal! All baked goods are now available at their Cafetal which is located across the street at 8002 Callaghan Rd. The Bake Shop is strictly used as a bakery now and is not open to the public.

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