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What’s Clean

All of the produce is certified organic or organically grown locally. The chicken is raised organically, not fed GMO grain and the turkey is organic. The shrimp and salmon are farm raised and pretty much the only less than clean ingredients I could find.

What’s Served

Sweet Yams offers hot chicken and shrimp entrees, and a single salmon dish. Sandwiches, along with a large list of organic and vegan sides, and a portabello mushroom burger are also offered. Lastly, the Gumbo Feast, Texas Turkey Chili and D-Geezy’s Mac N Cheese round out the menu.

What I Ordered

I ordered the Texas Turkey Chili made with zucchini, squash, onions, corn, roasted bell, black beans, and organic turkey. Served with organic brown rice, the Chili was hearty and robust with a burst of flavor in every bite. The heat quotient was mild with a kick of spice that seemed to pleasantly originate from ingredients other than peppers. The brown rice was tender and paired nicely with the chili. Even though the old stomach was quite full and on the 5th restaurant of the day, I had a hard time putting down my spoon. Seriously good chili.

The Vibe

The building Sweet Yams occupies, well…it’s a shack. Rustic as can be and beloved by the locals, Sweet Yams is primarily a To-Go establishment but they do offer a few tables for those who’d like to eat…in the shack. The drinks are stored in a cooler next to the order counter, that’s as fancy as it gets. Nonetheless, I think Sweet Yams rocks, probably not a great date night location, but the charm is endearing.

The Takeaway

The food is served on paper plates with plastic utensils. However, the plates passing by looked amazing, including the Gluten Free Mac N Cheese. Sweet Yams is where the locals hang, with good reason. Good clean food, without the fancy!

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