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Featured Restaurant: Smart Bites to Go - Miami, FL

Smart Bites To Go Miami FL is widely regarded as the first authentic sustainable restaurant in Miami.

William Ltaif has been preaching the benefits of clean eating long before he opened the first authentic sustainable restaurant in Miami, FL – his sustainable urban farm cafe, Smart Bites to Go, in Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood.

As a professional athletic personal trainer, William witnessed firsthand how nutrient-dense minimally processed foods affect a body’s ability to perform and heal efficiently.

Both of William’s parents were incredible cooks, and his Mom worked professionally as one. So early on, William was able to pick up on how restaurant kitchens source and prep their ingredients. As his personal training business grew, he knew that incorporating a healthy delivered meal service designed to support his client’s health and fitness goals was the way to go.

But William felt called to make clean, healthy, delicious food available to everyone in his community, not just professional athletes and corporate big wigs. This is what brought him to purchase an acre in the industrial area of Allapattah with partner Mari Vila and transform the once empty parking lot into an urban farm that would serve as Miami’s first self-sustainable restaurant.

Smart Bites To Go Cafe Entrance
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Smart Bites To Go offers picturesque outdoor seating

Ltaif wants his customers to know “They can do this!”, and that growing one’s own food and creating flavourful nutrient-dense dishes is completely attainable for the average person. Before the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, Smart Bites to Go was offering frequent workshops on how to garden, cultivate aquaponics, utilize medicinal herbs, and more. So if you’re reading this during the pandemic, be sure to follow their social media handles (Smart Bites Facebook / Smart Bites Instagram) to learn when they start to roll those out again.

Smart Bites to Go is a ride or die for many of the medical students and professionals who work at the medical complexes in the neighborhood for multiple reasons, but the top three highlights include quality, ambiance, and affordability.

Smart Bites To Go Interior
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Ltaif and Vila know that without a doubt, knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown is the #1 way to protect your health. This is what guarantees the quality that Smart Bites to Go customers experience when they enjoy a meal here. William and Mari also understand the importance of a sustainable supply chain. Fewer middlemen in the supply chain results in more nutrient availability in our food as well as fewer upcharges the end user has to pay as the food changes hands from point A, B, C, D, etc.

Now put yourself in the shoes of a med student under fluorescent lights all day in a stressful environment. Then you get to sit in a garden and bask in a much needed dose of Vitamin D while nourishing your body with top-notch clean food. The ambiance alone is helping keep our Health care workers healthy! Thank you, Smart Bites to Go.

What else do Ltaif and Vila know? That all the clean, healthy food in the world won’t make a d*mn bit of difference in our communities if people can’t afford it. Smart Bites to Go Miami FL location is affordably priced for that exact reason. The more opportunities people have to eat clean and discover how delicious and life-giving it can be, the more people will start to incorporate it into their everyday lives. Next thing you know, the health outlook for an entire community starts to improve!

When Clean Foodie had the chance to visit Smart Bites to Go, Irene had the Beet Burger and it was one of her top five best veggie burgers of all time! Even though she wasn’t hungry at the time, she could not stop eating Smart Bites to Go’s fantastic burger. It was too delicious! The only thing Clean Foodie was sad about was not having enough room in her stomach to try ALL of the fantastic sustainable offerings at Smart Bites to Go. The only solution is to visit again!

Smart Bites To Go Sandwich
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Smart Bites To Go dishes up some delish sandwiches

We highly recommend that all South Florida based Clean Foodies make their way over to Smart Bites to Go in Miami FL. And if you’re a Clean Foodie just passing through Miami, then be sure to visit William and Mari’s wonderful, sustainable, clean eating oasis in Allapattah. Chances are you will pick up some tips on how to incorporate clean, sustainable living into your daily life along with some super tasty clean eats. There is nothing that Clean Foodie loves more than the opportunity to fill up our brain as well as our tummy!

Smart Bites To Go Online Ordering Available at:

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Smart Bites To Go Sandwich
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